At the roots of the world there was a tree, and only trees can save us!

Our promise

but our real dream is TO change THE WORLD.”

The ancestral tree, father of life, created the earth and the biosphere.
Its existence is necessary for the health and growth of all younger beings in the forest.
Vigorous forests support the populations they coexist with, stabilizing climate and biosphere of those nations that protect them.

This is why we search for the oldest trees and measure the highest.
We want to know them, defend them, treat them and respect them.

Long live the giants!


November 2015

In search of the “lost giants”

The scientific responsible: Andrea Maroè

A shaman travels to Italy to meet a tree-climber. From their encounter the desire of making something exceptional, that nobody has done before: measure the trees of Selva Nublada, Venezuela, while climbing them.


The main figures

Travelled distance: 2500 km

Duration of expedition: 33 days

N° of measured trees: 5

N° of surveyed tree species: 3

The tallest tree: 64 m

The biggest tree: 19 m girth

Where in the world

Country: Venezuela

Region: Yaracuy

Site: La Horqueta, Río Tupe

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Love for plants has united us for over 30 years and eternal trees will keep intact the memory of our passion if we know them and defend them.

That's why I wanted to create the GTF in memory of my husband

Doria Del Medico (Founder of Giant Trees Foundation)

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Giant Trees Foundation