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Aprile - May 2019

Ecuador: above the tops of the pluvial forest

The scientific responsible: Andrea Maroè

Ecuador is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity per hectare of the world, and its Yasunì National Park is a must for all those ones who love nature ,animals and trees.
We couldn’t do anything but fall in love with it.


The main figures

Travelled distance: 2500 km

Duration of expedition: 40 days

N° of measured trees with laser: more than 300

N° of climbed trees: 12

The tallest tree: 52,63 m

The biggest tree: 30,10 m girth

The oldest tree: more than 400 years

Where in the world

Country: Ecuador

Site: Riserva Kichwa Campo Cocha, Riserva Waurani Gareno, Rio Napo da campo choca a puerto salazar, Area Centro sperimentale Tiputini (Parko Nazionale Yasunì)

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The team

About us

GTF’s real mission in Ecuador, as we learned yesterday from the lesson of Dr. Andrea Maroè, is not only climbing the largest trees but through this activity measure them, know them, study them and collect a series of indicators that can give us valuable information on the architecture, mechanics and biodiversity of these giants.... and let us understand how these wonderful trees should be regarded as one of the best things in the world.

Carolina Jijon (Director Jardin Botanico de Quito - Ecuador)

The Partnership of

Giant Trees Foundation