Wood connoisseur and tree seeker

Published by Giant Trees Foundation 12 June 2018

"Come see me ?"

"Of course, yes!

The tree seeker and the wood connoisseur went each on their own, after recognizing themselves by the smell of moss on their hands . But time had passed on the plants standing and on those of their feet.

But a real meeting does not wait so long, if the heart awaits him..

"Hello, Here I am" "I'm happy you're here" And the door of the shop opened onto an unexpected world for the tree seeker. Woods of every species, patiently collected, stacked, catalogued, recognized and loved, filled the large shed. Shiny tools, tidy on the wall, perfectly sharp chisels, hand saws in a clean and perfumed order. The wood connoisseur accompanied him by telling him the stories of each piece, with a child heart. "This comes from Central America, it is one of the six heaviest woods in the world, they are small pieces because they had to be brought out of the jungle on the shoulders of one or at most two men. They are used to make musical instruments. They were collected by a French friend of mine, years ago. We can no longer find them. And this piece of mahogany is the same species as the one behind, but the rings are much narrower. You can no longer find one like this, cause they cut it all off more than a century ago. Now you can only find the fastest growing one. But of course they do not have the same physical features. This is a very hard wood. It is difficult to carve, but has spectacular ribbing. Here you can see only trees that are already fallen in nature cause I don't like felling trees to do my work. I want to breathe new life back into the dead tree. Do new beautiful things as when the tree was alive. I also use wood with defects, attacked by fungi or insects, which others would discard and use to burn it."

"And what wood is this? "Oh this is difficult to recognize, you can confuse it with another very similar. So you have to close your eyes and smell it. Now I know perfectly well which of the two woods is this that I have in my hand," he replied, repeating a couple of times an unpronounceable and equally difficult to remember Latin name. The tree seeker stopped to look astonished at the wood connoisseur. He used his hand to recognize the ribs of the trees and the barks, stroking them as you do with the beloved woman, he recognized their scent with closed eyes, he remembered their name after many years. "Here's a man in love," he thought, looking with admiration at the wood connoisseur!