The Cestnut
of 100 Horses

We will announce the winner on
 22nd March
European Tree
of the Year 2022

The Chestnut of 100 Horses, winner of the Italian Tree of the Year 2021, is now a candidate for European Tree of the Year 2022.

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The Chestnut of the 100 Horses, on the slopes of Etna, is perhaps the most famous chestnut in the world. It is thought to be over 3,000 years old.

It currently consists of three large stems which, according to some scholars, share the same root system. If so, it would also be the largest tree in the world, as well as being the oldest fruit tree.

Legend has it that Queen Joan of Aragon took shelter with all her knights under the branches of this huge tree, following a storm. Since then the chestnut, also visited and described by Goethe and many other writers and artists, has been called "The chestnut with 100 horses".

  • nickname: Castagno dei 100 Cavalli
  • common name: Castagno
  • scientific name: Castanea sativa
  • height: 19.42 meters
  • circumference: 10.51 meters
  • age: over 3,000 years estimated
  • peculiarity: it is the oldest and largest chestnut known in the world
  • location: Sant'Alfio - Catania - Sicily

European Tree of the Year 2022

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