The GTF is a non-profit foundation created to know, defend and protect large trees.

Trees are still mysterious for us.
They date back millions of years and ever since they built and modified both climate and environment, creating the basis for human life on earth.

All ancient populations revered the big trees as carriers of life, and now we have the scientific evidence that this is matter of fact!
Trough preservation of biodiversity and respect of ancient forests we can achieve the prosecution of life on this magnificent world, considering that on the top of big trees there are large numbers of species, animals and plants, still to be discovered.

On the other hand, timber exploitation and the gradual destruction of tropical forests are nowadays remarkably invasive, due to the use of high technologies. The risk is to lose in a short time the richness of biodiversity, before even having the time to study it.

On the tree crowns, one of the last frontiers to be explored, millions of animal and plant species coexists, and some of them haven’t been discovered jet.

Reassessing and better understanding our relationship with forests and their ancient trees is an essential objective if we want to preserve human life on earth.

In this frame, the main objective of GTF is to detect the big trees through spotting and measuring them, setting the basis to further study their needs in order to help their protection.

Through expeditions, teamwork and several different projects the Foundation aims to draw attention on the deep connections existing between human life and ancient trees, finding a way to steadily improve the quality of their coexistence.

Distinguished international scientists and experts in different disciplines form the scientific committee, which guarantees the reliability of our projects: it is a 360 degree view over the relationship between man and tree.


Where you can find us

Our Headquarters is in the province of Udine close to the first morainic hills of Friuli.
We renovated an old agricultural shed together with the help of boys and volunteers and we made it our base. We call it friendly the Tana, surrounded by woods, where we carry out a good part of our local initiatives, and meadows, where we breed and care for our animals. 

If you want to visit us you can follow the directions of the map.
Friday afternoon is the day we usually meet. We are waiting for you.