Growing Trees

Published by Giant Trees Foundation
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We consider education essential for growing a new sensibility and a true knowledge over trees and nature, in order to respect, protect and truly love them. That’s why we created a series of weekly activities such as: the synergic vegetable garden, planting new trees, managing a forest, collecting cuttings and seedlings from monumental trees and distribute them in schools, the management of an orchard, the creation of ecological hedges and woodland paths, building fences, and many others. These works are carried out by children of all ages together with adult volunteers, every weekend at the headquarters of the GTF, known by all friends as "La Tana", but can also be done in other places where our help is requested. Only an "active" and friendly nearness between adults and children can create the ideal “soil” to make the seeds of love for nature, trees and animals sprout in harmony.


Therefore parents often work together with their children and friends, and they share not only the toil of work in our "educational farm", but also the pleasure of simple playful, convivial and cultural moments. This is perhaps one of the most important and decisive experiences of the Foundation, and the one from which most of our projects and activities begin. 

Everyone can freely participate in our initiatives simply making friends with the GTF (Bonsai GTF friend, Eucalyptus GTF friend, Sequoia GTF friend). 



Collaborate and support this project:

* I. I. S. " J. Linussio" - Codroipo

* Istituto d'Istruzione Secondaria Superiore "Bernardo Marsano" - Genova

* Scuola Mons. Camillo Di Gaspero - Tarcento

* Associazione La Cruna - Conegliano

* Preindl e Paoloni - Udine