Let us grow a new forest: the project

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Let us grow a new forest: the project

The idea moved just after the “Vaia” storm in October 2018,

when a large area of north-eastern Italy has been severely damaged. The numbers are stunning: only in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where GTF was born, the storm has caused considerable damages, knocking down completely some forests and millions of cubic meters wood.

We believe this should make us stop and seriously reflect. The first phase of the project has been bringing together a small group of volunteers (mainly students from secondary schools), in order to picking up branches, top of broken trees, cones and pieces of wood from damaged surfaces, to be subsequently used to prepare Christmas decorations. Such ornaments have been sold to collect free offers, and the gathered sums will be used to implement the innovative restoration of some destroyed forests.

The idea is to recreate a close-to-nature forest (with the supervision of the Universities of Udine and Turin), exactly in the properties of those municipalities which cooperated in the project, and let us collect the “forest storm waste”: Sappada, Ampezzo and Moggio Udinese.  

The idea is to split the project into two steps. During the first one (lasting approximately 2-3 years and costing about 27.000,00 €/hectar) we'll be creating a new forest by clearing fallen and dead trees, then planting new ones of varied species and seizes.

The total surface of restored woodland will depend on the final amount of fund-raising.

The second step will be about the management, maintenance and development of those lots, involving at least the following 10 years.

As a result we expect to grow new woods, as close as possible to natural ones, in order to give all the ecosystem services of a healthy forest (environmental protection, increase of biodiversity, carbon dioxide sequestration, environmental quality improvement, etc.). We also work in the aim of getting a financial return, directly and indirectly, for the benefit of the devastated populations.

Thanks to the University and the technical institutes taking part in the project, we also expect to gain an important know-how out of the experiment, which will be useful for future generations of students and teachers, while handling climate change-connected and similar problems.

At the moment we claim several agreements with municipalities (Sappada, Ampezzo e Forni Avoltri), Universities (Udine and Torino), and technical institutes (Cividale, Pozzuolo, Tolmezzo, Conegliano). We will of course coordinate the project together with the central regional offices.

We can say that the main beneficiaries of our initiative will be the damaged municipalities, the students and various institutions, at different extents “users” of these new forests.

The goal we aim to attain is also opening new perspectives to disabled people, involving them in the slow regrowth of a forest. This idea is connected to the project of restoring a track for blind people at Passo Pura, Ampezzo (Udine), which has been severely affected by the storm. This was in fact the main object of GTF's project “Smell the wood: the tree see by a blind”, in cooperation with Rotary club Tolmezzo and Alto Friuli. (https://www.gianttrees.org/it/progetti/annusare-il-bosco-l-albero-visto-dai-non-vedenti)

The first step of “For Christmas let us grow a new forest” has raised a deep interest, and we have been interviewed and filmed by several magazines, news papers and Television broadcasting.

With regard to the future development of the project, we intend to carry out a detailed. https://www.gianttrees.org/it/sostienici


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