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Published by Giant Trees Foundation


Visit, feel and live the forest on foot, by bike or on horseback. Meet the giant trees, have the possibility to climb them in a safe and sustainable way thanks to the tree-climbing art. Try Bird - watching from tree crowns and observe unusual landscapes from up there. Sleep laying on special hammocks, listening to night-time sounds from the forest or simply observing the stars.

These are only some of the initiatives we organize for small groups of passionate, curious and inexperienced explorers.


We do believe that several of our initiatives and projects can be “exported” in any other environment, and we are ready to cooperate taking further challenges and start working on something brand new with anybody eager to devote himself to trees and environment protection.


If you long for doing something to support the environment and promote a better co-existence and growth for every being, then we can join forces. Become a GTF Friend and let us work together: we will help our green giants and work for a better world.

Discounts are available for GTF Friends (20% off for Bonsai, 40% off for Eucalyptus and Sequoia Friends)

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This project is realized with the help of:

* FVG live experience  - Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia

* Albergo Ristorante Costantini - Tarcento

* Vertical Green - Genova

* Arboriescalada - Venezuela

Desert Trucks  - Argentina