Smell the wood (the tree “seen” by a blind)

Published by Giant Trees Foundation
Italian Projects

Giant Trees Foundation, together with some Municipalities and the International center for “spoken book” A. Sernagiotto" Onlus, is currently working on an ambitious project for improving and enhancing a recreational use of natural resources. Joining forces, we intend to change the attitude towards mountains, woods and nature and get people to believe that anyone can enjoy them safely, also people with disabilities.


The project takes its first steps with the goal of “explaining” nature to blind people trough direct experience of it, that means organizing activities taking place in the forest: this is the best way to telling the deep relations between trees, soil, plants, flowers and every kind of animal.

We will organize a series of “at open air” seminars, where we will build up a complementary relationship teacher-disabled person: while enhancing both knowledge and capability of perception for blind persons we will give non-blind students the opportunity to develop other senses, and to actively contribute to the project.

We will build up a barriers-free path, with warning devices helping people experience the trail on their own. But what we really aim to with Smelling the wood (the tree “seen” by a blind)” is creating a steady team of people giving duration to the project, helping to cure and maintain trails in the forest equipped for blind and other types of disabled people.


All in all it will be a three-years project starting from 2018. At the beginning we will concentrate on the restoration of existing paths, and only after collecting the feedbacks of end-users we will move on with further steps. The choice of directly involving the customers is crucial and will help us discover unexplored features of the “tree world”.


This project is realized with the help of:

* Centro Internazionale del Libro parlato (CILP)  - Feltre

* La Cruna - Associazione per la pedagogia Steiner Waldorf  Scuola Novalis  - Conegliano

* 2D Giardini - Treviso

* Segheria di Centa snc - Ampezzo

* Comune di Ampezzo - Ampezzo

* Comune di Moggio Udinese - Moggio

* Comune di Sappada - Sappada

* FVG live experience - Trieste