Tana Week

Published by Giant Trees Foundation
Italian Projects


Taking place every year

usually the second week of August, “Tana week” is a period of intense coexistence where adults and teenagers are committed to a common goal: working on our headquarters in order to make it more beautiful, viable and attractive with “our own hands”. The row materials we give priority to are wood and greenery, and in the past editions we already built bowers, shelters for livestock, tables, chairs, mezzanines, fences and paths in the forest. During this week ordinary maintenance, grass cut, watering plants, cleaning the rooms and preparing the meals are the trait d'union of our activities.


Kids are therefore getting familiar with manual work and have the opportunity to understand the different features of natural and cultivated land, its richness and potentialities.

This year “Tana week” will start on 4th August and end with final party on 11th August (Sunday 12th August will be a “getting ready” day!

For Eucalyptus and Sequoia GTF Friends the week is totally free of charge 


This project is realized with the help of:

* Icopower - Milano http://www.icopower.com/

+ Il giardino di Corten - Tarcento http://www.ilgiardinodicorten.it/

* Cimentar  - Tarcento  http://www.cimentar.it/

* Scuola Mons. Camillo De Gaspero  - Tarcento https://scuolaparitariacamillodigaspero.myblog.it/

* EM logistica srl http://www.emlogistica.it/

* Sangoi - Tarcento https://www.sangoi.com/it