Tana Week

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Every year, usually the second week of August, we organize a week of intense coexistence at the "Tana" with the presence of adults and boys who are committed to a common goal: making more beautiful, more livable and more attractive our headquarters, building together and with your own hands what is most needed; naturally using wood and plants as main materials. We have already built pergolas, shelters for animals, tables, chairs, lofts, paths in the forest and fences of all kinds for our animal friends and our cousins trees, but also some artistic works. The ordinary maintenance, the cutting of the grass, the irrigation of the plants, the cleaning of the den and the preparation of the lunch or the dinner, as well as the care of the animals, constitute however the trait d' union of the various activities.


This allows children to acquire dexterity and to better understand the different characteristics of the cultivated and natural environment, its peculiarities, its riches and its opportunities.

The time of Tana Week, however, is also used to confront, to reflect, to realize cultural meetings, film forums, dances, songs and games together. Because Life passes through unexpected encounters and channels.


Following storm Vaia this project was reabsorbed in the Forest Summer School

However, the possibility remains open for young students or volunteers to carry out periods of cohabitation and work at the "Tana" at any time of year

To participate you just need to become GTF Eucalyptus friend so you can get the insurance coverage. 
However, given the additional costs due to the containment and management of the emergency Covid we ask, who can, to help us financially to support this initiative by paying directly to our current account or via Paypal their contribution (by way of example you can consider a daily cost of about 20 euro/person).

For more information, write to: info@gianttrees.org
Project coordinator: dott. agr. Andrea Maroè