The tallest native european tree

Published by Giant Trees Foundation
International Projects

Slovenia – Croatia – Montenegro – Albania

Detecting the tallest native european tree 2018

We keep working on our wider project of detecting the tallest European native trees. Unfortunately very often trees are measured on imprecise basis and, during our expedition throughout Italy in 2016, we realized that very often mistakes of around 10% had been made. In other words, this means that a plant of 50 meters height was 5 meters over- or under-estimated.

Imprecision is also due to the fact that trees are “living beings”, and they are subjected to abrupt breaks caused by storms, heavy wind, snow or simply the weakness brought by aging. They are also modified in shape and height by human activities such as pruning. Moreover, measurements often lack in accuracy or are lead with the wrong equipment, or they and simply difficult to take from the ground, especially in the case of very tall or having a hidden top trees. It is very important to chose a professional team, trained to evaluate and measure a tree in the shortest time possible, before conditions change like it happened for the Italian Prinzep Avez.


This year we’ll conduct analytical measures on the tallest native European tree

currently detected in Slovenia near Maribor. Other specimens are to be found in Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania. We will therefore travel within this territory trying to find and measure them, so to decide if the fir tree in Maribor is actually the tallest in Europe.