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Your support will allow us to study and defend the largest and most important trees on our planet to ensure everyone a greener future. It will also allow you to become the protagonist of an incredible exploratory journey into the crown of the most mysterious trees on our planet. But, above all, it will help us in our ambitious new tree planting projects in Italy and Africa.

Long Live the Giants! Long Live the World!

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GTF Friends have the names of the trees:

Bonsai GTF Friend = it’s our friends' card. To become a member and support our work of study and protection, fundamental to protect the trees and defend our planet, it is enough to donate 20,00€. You can freely participate in many of our initiatives, you will be entitled to a super discount on our beautiful 4-sides GTF T-shirt UZTZU, and you will allow us to plant 3 trees in our woods.

Eucalyptus GTF Friend
= it is the card of the volunteers who support us in a really active and important way. With an annual donation of 50,00€ you will also be entitled to insurance coverage during the various activities carried out together with the GTF. Also you will get a super discount on the 4-sided GTF T-shirt UZTZU, you will allow us to plant 5 trees in our woods and of course you can participate in all the events and parties organized by GTF. 

Sequoia GTF Friend = it is the honorary card dedicated to our biggest supporters who contribute with their activity to promote the research and development projects of the foundation with a contribution of 100,00€ per year. It also allows us to plant at least 10 new trees.

The card will be sent to you after you have made the payment online or can be collected directly at our headquarters.

It has been decided, as communicated in the newsletter of 19.05.2020, that all the cards subscribed during 2020 (Bonsai, Eucalyptus, Sequoia), will be valid until 31.12.2021.



Support Amazonia against the COVID

with a small contribution

For the people of the Ecuatorial Amazon, the Covid is a terrible scourge, especially for the elderly who live in the forest without any help and protection, but who are forced to maintain relations with those who go to the big cities for their livelihood.

Read more here or watch our movie on YOUTUBE.

Support the project: help Amazonia
donate 10€

If you share our efforts you can also support the GTF with a personal donation!

Send us a bank transfer to support GTF 

for “GTF Friend / GTF Fiend Plus / GTF Friend Supporter”



IBAN: IT 75 X 02008 64280 000105507569


Or you can also support us with the 5x1000 indicating the Giant Trees Foundation Onlus ETS and its tax code 02912850308 in the tax return!


Are you a company 

and would you like to support Giant Trees Foundation in its institutional activities or in some of its specific projects? Contact us!

Supporting GTF in its daily activities of research, discovery, education, dissemination and protection of large trees is a sign of a sure ecological sensitivity. This allow to distinguish a responsible company and to increase its value into the perception of its customers.

We ask our supporters to ensure the proper development of projects that involve ancient trees that have completely different times from ours.

We also ask you to spread our work and support the community of our friends with discount programs specifically dedicated to them.

In response to your involvement, GTF ensures concrete and measurable results (each year they will be highlighted by the Annual Impact Report) and creates innovative synergies with your company and other different businesses.

For information contact us on, you will be soon contacted.

N.B.: The liberal disbursement may be deducted in accordance with the law in the year of disbursement.

We thank you for your valuable help! We are counting on you!