Andrea Maroè

Doctor Agronomist, arborist, instructor and professional tree climber, scholar and popularizer of arboreal ecology. With more than 10.000 trees climbed in treeclimbing around the world, in 1997 (when nobody was still thinking about this) he climbed and measured first, alone, the American redwoods; he has also discovered the highest white fir in Europe and some of the most important trees in South America and New Zealand. He writes his blog on Messaggero Veneto online: Arbornauta: blog d'autore - la repubblica.it.

Edison Pombilio

Naturalistic guide, arborist and treeclimber. Expert in Amazonian forest and in rock climbing but also (or especially) Shaman of the Holy Mountain of Fortune - Venezuela. He was our guide on the expedition to Venezuela.

Johannes Caron

Graduate in Forest Sciences, arborist and treeclimber. Engaged in Ecuador for studies on the equatorial forest and humanitarian aid to local populations, is one of our explorers of tropical forests and accompanied us on the Ecuador expedition in 2019.

Giorgio Cordin

Forest Doctor, arborist and professional treeclimber. Expert in stability assessments and use of electronic instrumentation to establish the mechanical strength of wood fabrics. He currently works with the city of Merano for the management of the trees of the city.

Valeria Ciravegna

Travel Blogger, explorer and passionate about photography. She visited 33 countries around the world, approached treeclimbing and trees for passion and accompanied us on the Ecuador expedition in 2019.

Ciretta Wanderlust Blog

Roberto Volpi

Agrotechnician, professional instructor and treeclimber, expert of PPE equipment, gear and technical equipment management and nature engineering.

Claudio Bazzani

Graduated in Aeronautical Sciences and Political Sciences. Lieutenant Colonel of Air Force, expert in aerial photography, lidar and satellite data interpretation. Treeclimber for passion and conviction.

Pedro Alvarez

South American arborist and treeclimber with considerable work and climbing experience on tropical trees.
He was one of the members of the expedition to Venezuela.

Clio Anastasia

Agrotechnician, professional treeclimber. Passionate about phytomedicine and natural cures, as well as stories and legends of trees (but also, and above all, of horses).

Antonio Morini

Agrotechnician, professional instructor and treeclimber, expert in palm trees, cableways, pulleys, hoists and referrals on plants, forestry work and use of wood for bioecological constructions.

Paolo Merighi

Graduated in Architecture in Florence. For 20 years teacher, for other 20 municipal officials. As director of the Public Green Service of the City of Udine, he was able to design and build green areas and parks and, thanks to these activities, became a "fan" of trees.

Federico Fabbro

Arborist and treeclimber, lover of travel and adventure, worked a lot in Oceania (where it forms our bridgehead).

Raffaella Cora

Graduated in Forestry and Environmental Sciences, she worked with FAO in Africa. Expert in the design, care and restoration of parks and gardens. He is currently also a teacher of applied natural sciences at the Steineriano institute "Scuola Novalis" in Conegliano (Treviso).

Raffaele Carrato

Professional treeclimber, expert in pruning and management of mediterranean plants.

Sabatino Rambaldi

Graduate in Nature and Territory, expert in wildlife and biodiversity protection. Engaged in the development of chestnut growing and olive cultivation in Cilento.