Scientific and Technical Committee

Marisa Sestito

Coordinator of the Scientific and Technical Committee.

Already a full professor of English literature at the University of Udine, he presided over degree courses in Translation and Interpretation and university masters in eventology. He has published on theatre (from Shakespeare to contemporary dramaturgy) and on nineteenth and twentieth century novels, editing various translations of Shakespeare, Dryden, Dickens, Gaskell, Brontë, Woolf, Beckett. Nature, for itself and in its relationship with literature, has always been a privileged field of interest for her works.

Stefano Mancuso

World-renowned scientist, professor at the University of Florence, he heads the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology (LINV).

A founding member of the International Society for Plant Signaling & Behavior, he has taught at Japanese, Swedish and French universities and he is a full professor at the Georgofili Academy.

In 2012 «La Repubblica» listed him among the 20 Italians destined to change our lives and in 2013 «New Yorker» placed him in the ranking of "world changers". With his university start-up PNAT has patented "Jellyfish Barge", the floating module for growing vegetables and flowers completely autonomous from the point of view of soil, water and energy, presented at EXPO Milano 2015, which was awarded the International Award for innovative ideas and technologies for agribusiness by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). He is the author of scientific books and hundreds of publications in international journals. He has also published numerous scientific and popular books.

Carolina Jijon

Graduated in Biology and specialized in environmental education. Since 2005 President of the Botanical Garden of Quito. Former President of the Zoo of the same city (from 1999 to 2004). She was a member of the first and most important environmental NGO in Ecuador, Fundacion Natura, where she was also Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Gerard Passola

He has been working on the big trees since 1995 in Catalonia, where he manages the monumental trees and, thanks to his innovative experiences, he began to deal with veteran trees in different regions of Spain, in Italy, in Mexico (where he studied the Tule tree, the "biggest" in the world), USA, Argentina. He works closely with the English Ancien Tree Forum and the Spanish Forestry Commission. Specialized in large transplants and special arboreal anchors, he works mainly on the restoration of radical apparatuses and is a member of the EAC Commission for the drafting of European pruning standards.

Giorgio Vacchiano

Researcher in management and planning and forest management at the University of Milan; former researcher at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. He studies simulation models in support of sustainable forest management, mitigation and adaptation to climate change and natural disturbances in Europe’s temperate forests. Nominated by the magazine Nature among the 11 best emerging scientists in the world who "are leaving their mark in science"Member of the Italian Society of Forestry and Forest Ecology (SISEF); of the Ecological Society of America (ESA); of Italian Societies for Climate Sciences (SISC) and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). He is a member of the Pro Silva Italia Association and author of "La resilienza del bosco".

Daniele Zovi

In the State Forestry Corps since 1977, he was Interregional Commander of Friuli, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. In the Army of the Forest Carabiniers with the rank of Brigadier General. From 2011 to 2014 member of the CITES Scientific Commission at the Ministry of the Environment. He is a member of the Accademia Olimpica in Vicenza and of the Accademia Italiana di Scienze Forestali (Forest Science) in Florence. He gave lectures and conferences on ecological issues and forest and wildlife management in many schools and universities in Italy and abroad. He has published numerous articles in scientific journals and various books on wildlife, forests and forest heritage.

Alessandro Peressotti

University professor at the Department of Agro-Food, Environmental and Animal Sciences of the University of Udine. He dealt with agronomic and ecological issues related to carbon and nitrogen cycles in terrestrial ecosystems, and anthropogenic impacts on these cycles, with particular reference to agro-ecosystems. His research activity is characterized by numerous collaborations with Italian and foreign research groups engaged in the study of the effects of global changes and, in particular, the increase of atmospheric concentration of CO2, climate and land use change on crop productivity and carbon sequestration.

Kelly Swing

Founding Director of the Tiputini Biodiversity Station in western Amazonia, has dedicated his life to the conservation of nature. He has published several books, written dozens of scientific articles and taught nearly 200 field courses in tropical ecology through Boston University and the Universidad San Francisco de Quito since moving from his native USA to Ecuador nearly 30 years ago. Over this time, he has collaborated with several news outlets (CNN, CNN en Español, CNN International, BBC, BBC Radio, NPR, NBC, CBC) and on many documentaries associated with Amazonian ecosystems and anthropogenic pressures on them.

Angelo Floramo

Doctor in History (medieval) with degree in Latin Medieval Philology obtained at the University of Trieste. Professor of Italian Language and Literature and History in second grade schools. He writes for many magazines and collaborates in the project Pelagos, International Observatory for the Medieval Mediterranean. He is also part of GRIMM, the Myth and Mythography Research Group of the University of Trieste, and of the Italian Historical Archive (Florence). He is a founding member of Medieuropa Mediaetas and a member of the Academy of Medieval Studies Jaufré Rudel in Gradisca d'Isonzo.

Kamil Witkos - Gnach

Deputy Director and Co-founder of the Polish Institute for tree cultivation, consultant in arboriculture. He studied forest economy at the University of Aberdeen. He then moved to Bialowieza National Park where he worked as a forester in the educational field. Then he joined the Roads for Nature programme as project manager and training coordinator. He is an editor and author of books and articles on the evaluation, management and conservation of trees. He is a member of the Association of Arboriculture and of the Polish Dendrological Society.

Ferdinando Patat

He obtained a degree and a doctorate in astronomy at the University of Padua. Since 1999 he has been a member of the international staff of the European Astronomical Research Organisation (ESO), of which he heads the Office of Observational Programmes. He is primarily concerned with Supernovae in the local universe. He is a member of numerous international collaborations, and has over 180 publications in specialized journals. In his spare time he devoted himself to scientific dissemination.

Daniele Zanzi

Agronomist Doctor, in 1982 he founded Fito-Consult, the first company in Italy to deal specifically with the management and care of trees. Member of the I.S.A. (International Society of Arboriculture) since 1981, where he served on the International Board of Directors for 8 years. Co-founder and president of the Italian section, director of ISA Europa, he was the founder and Chairman of the European Arboricultural Council where he helped to develop European certifications and numerous operating standards. He has received, for his activity, numerous international awards and honors including in 2015 the Award of Merit, the highest honor of the International Association of Arboriculture. He was President of the Provincial Order of Doctors of Agronomy and Forest Doctors of Varese and National Councilor. Author of scientific and technical publications as well as numerous popular texts and appreciated international speaker. He collaborated and worked with Prof. Alex Shigo, helping to spread his studies in Europe and Italy.

Marco Virgilio

Journalist and scientific communicator with twenty years of professional experience in the fields of Meteorology and Climatology. Producer and director of nature documentaries for RAI and other local and national realities. Since 2003 he has been managing and conducting, on Telefriuli, the popular programme "Meteoweekend" dedicated to science, environment and territory of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Luigi Delloste

Since 1982 in force at the Service Gardens and Trees of the City of Turin, designer, assistant and directors works in the public green. Professional trainer and scientific communicator in urban and environmental arboriculture at training institutions, agricultural schools, universities, UNI3 and technical institutes. Certified arboriculator (E.T.T.). Active member in different associations related to the green sector, from the production of nurseries to the conservation of environmental landscape. Editor for sector magazines, coauthor and translator of texts on the management of the tree. He has participated as speaker at numerous international conferences.

Gianni Cantarutti 

Wood appraiser and graduate in political science, in addition to being a "wood expert" and technical-commercial consultant in the wood-furniture sector, he collaborates with institutions, companies, environmental organisations in order to promote the culture of wood and the sustainable use of wood species.

Working in the sector for over thirty years he has collaborated with major brands of world interest (Apple, Illy, Prada,..) and has deepened the knowledge of over 1000 wood species that are currently used by the wood industry, creating an important xyloteca in San Giovanni al Natisone.

Ettore Zauli

Director of the Public Green Service first in Florence then in Genoa. University professor in techniques for landscape architecture, technical director of the organization of the various editions of Euroflora since 1976; he has designed and directed the creation of gardens in many parts of the world (Dubai, Bangkok, Shanghai, Montreal, Hamamatsu,..). He has been a member of numerous scientific committees and international juries for landscape and botanical awards.

Claudio Littardi

Responsible for the Public Green Service of the City of Sanremo as well as the Monte Bignone Nature Park from 1974 to 2017. Founding member and President of the Study and Research Center for Palm Trees - Sanremo. Promoter and organizer of the European Palm Biennial - DIES PALMARUM, that now is in its seventh edition. He collaborates on national and international projects. He is the author of numerous technical publications and popular texts on palm trees.

Angela Farina

Graduated in Forestry Sciences, she has been director of the Directorate General for Forestry of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies, in which she has taken care to coordinate, at national level, the activities of cataloguing and protection of Italian monumental trees. She has been a senior official of the State Forestry Corps where she has carried out police activities aimed at combating crimes and offences against forests but also activities of prevention and fight against forest fires and forest monitoring and inventory. She was a member of the National Committee for Public Green Development. She currently collaborates with local governments, including Roma Capitale, for the activities related to the management of public green, and takes care of the family nursery company.