GTF’s real mission in Ecuador, as we learned yesterday from the lesson of Dr. Andrea Maroè, is not only climbing the largest trees but through this activity measure them, know them, study them and collect a series of indicators that can give us valuable information on the architecture, mechanics and biodiversity of these giants.... and let us understand how these wonderful trees should be regarded as one of the best things in the world.

Carolina Jijon (Director Jardin Botanico de Quito - Ecuador)

My students ask me about the relationship between climbing big trees and conserving biodiversity... It is strange to me that even researchers of ecology and biology cannot identify this relationship that, in my experience, is so evident. I think that any effort to make the big trees known and to save our planet at this moment, which I think is dramatic, is really desirable.

Kelly Swing (Founder and Director of Tiputini Biodiversity Station. Professor with Universidad San Francisco de Quito and Boston University.)

Cross-country skiing taught me to respect and love nature. I think that its beauty must be protected and the protection of large trees is a first big step.

That is why I share and support the ideals and projects of the Giant Trees Foundation.

Silvio Fauner (Olympic gold medal and Nordic Ski World Championship)

The love for the plants has united us for over 30 years and eternal trees will keep intact the memory of our passion if we know them and defend them.

That's why I wanted to create the Giant Trees Foundation Onlus.

In memory of my husband.

Doria Del Medico (Founder of Giant Trees Foundation)