Italian contest


Giant Trees Foundation Onlus supports the importance of protecting and safeguarding trees by promoting and organizing the European Tree Of The Year contest for Italy, in collaboration and with the patronage of MIPAAF.

The competition was created to enhance the history of these trees, their connection with the population, the territory and the environment.

The European competition was born in 2011: year after year, the number of participating countries has continued to grow. Thanks to GTF, since 2019 Italy is present and active.

Four significant trees (registered in the MIPAAF AMI) located along our peninsula and chosen through international research, receive the support of their loyal fans through an online survey. Annual web votes are usually held between September and November on the website of the Giant Trees Foundation Onlus. Everyone has the opportunity to express, free of charge and without registration, their preference for the trees to which they feel most attached, or which they consider more representative of Italy at European level.

The choice, free and subjective, does not pursue criteria of beauty or seniority, but is aimed at making known and emphasize the history of the tree and its emotional and cultural relationship with the community.

At the end of this first phase, the plant that has collected the highest number of consents will be named Tree of the Year for Italy and will compete in the international stage during the next step, that will see it compete with the winners of the other rounds held in European countries, to win the title of European Tree of the Year.